At The Duke Of Brunswick Hotel We Pride Ourselves On Being Seriously Social & Provide A Great Venue For Social Or Business Functions. The Duke of Brunswick. Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (German: Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand; 9 October 1735 – 10 November 1806) was the Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and a military leader. google_ad_height = 90; partitioned and merged through inheritance by members of the house of Welf. DUKE OF EDINBURGH HOTEL 430 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056 P: (03) 9380 1771. From an email received 19 May 2016. Dukes of Brunswick. Duchy of Brunswick - House of Welf - Guelph. Dukes of Brunswick. //-->. This page was last edited on 6 July 2018, at 18:03. Edit. Charles II, Duke of Brunswick (German Karl; 30 October 1804, Brunswick – 18 August 1873, Geneva), Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, ruled the Duchy of Brunswick from 1815 until 1830. Otto III Hannover, Ernst August III of, Duke of Brunswick - Germany, , - with his mother Duchess Thyra of Cumberland in a carriage during the celebrations at the occassion of the babtism of the prince royal... Chers amis, Vu le peu d'entrain que suscite le post du Grand Maréchal, je ne ferai qu'un seul sujet sur ce le bicentenaire. The article defamed the Duke of Brunswick. the house of Welf's control. Charles William Ferdinand of Brunswick, German Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, (born Oct. 9, 1735, Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony [Germany]—died Nov. 10, 1806, Ottensen, near Hamburg), duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Wolfenbüttel, Prussian field marshal, and an enlightened ruler. United with Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, Otto III (B-Lüneburg 1521-1527) Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. Author of the butcher/artist remark is also very interesting as it has often been quoted sourcelessly with reference to 8 Bxf7+, and not also 8 Qxb7. Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Andrew Permain's board "Dukes. United with Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. He is holding a sword in his right hand, his shako in his left and resting his left elbow on a rock; he wears the uniform of a Colonel in the Brunswick Black Corps.A note in an inventory, dated 22nd October 1868, states that this picture was composed by Prince Albert and Corden from a miniature of the Duke said to be a good…, Sculptor and painter: Alfonso Desiderio Scale: 54 mm, Chers amis, A propos de la tête de mort, mais donnons lui son véritable nom : "Totenkopf". 1634 united with Braunschweig-Hitzacker, google_ad_width = 728; United with 0:10. //-->,